Install Windows on Digital Ocean


  • Unlimited windows gz
  • Using windows image as OS
  • Using recovery mode

Install Windows on Digital Ocean 2022

Today we are going to discuss how to install Windows on Digital Ocean

Register on Digital Ocean if you don’t have the account, if you already have it, just skip this step.

Using Custom Image

Using Custom image for windows intallation

  1. Go to ManageImageCustom image -Import via URL

  2. Choose any Windows GZ file that you want to use as your Droplet OS with Import via URL and it will takes about 1 hours
  3. After the Windows OS successfully Uploaded go to Droplets – Create – Droplets
  4. Choose any Region you like
  5. On Choose an image choose custom image, and choose the windows OS that you just uploaded
  6. Choose Droplets type that you want and create
  7. Open it with MSTSC or any Application for RDP.
  • Advantages: save time on next Windows installation, no need to install every time you make a new droplet
  • Disadvantages: Takes 1 hours or more to upload new Images

Using Recovery Mode

Next method is using recovery mode to install Windows on Digital Ocean. This method not working on all VM Type, mostly work on AMD KVM Machine. Choose Premium AMD Machine. So, this is the alternative way, and I am personally not recommended this method

  1. Go to DropletsCreateDroplets
  2. Choose any Region you want, and on Choose Image just choose any linux image and choose any Droplets Size and type that you want
  3. Turn off the Droplets that you just created and go to Recovery, and pick Boot from Recovery ISO, and turn it on
  4. Go to Recovery Console
  5. On Recovery Console. Choose 1 to mount the drive and write the root password
  6. Open Putty and login to your droplets with root and password that you just write it down.
    sudo su - and choose 1 (mount disk image) and choose 5 (Attempt to “chroot” into installation system). And paste this script:
    wget --no-check-certificate -O- "Windows URL" | gzip | dd of=/dev/vda


    wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda

    And wait until it fully downloaded. Usually takes 5-15 minutes until fully download
  7. After the image fully downloaded. Go to your Digital Ocean Droplets and set Boot from Hard Driveturn it offturn it on
  8. Use MSTSC to open your RDP
  • Advantages: No need 1 hours or more to create your RDP
  • Disadvantages:
    • You need to do this method evertime you create new Windows RDP on your droplets
    • Not working on all type VM, mostly working on AMD type VM

Using Direct Installation [Update 22.06.2023]

Ok the third method is direct installation. (Estimated time = 30minutes to an hour)

  1. Go to your droplets AccessLaunch Droplets Console

  2. Paste this script on your Droplets Console

    wget -qO '' && bash -dd 'Windows URL'

  3. If you see these screen, thats mean the first step is completed

  4. Launch Recovery Console to monitoring the windows installation process

  5. Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes, and try to open Recovery Console to see if the windows Installation is completed

  6. Change the IP Address manually from recovery console [for the complete process, you can watch the video]

  7. Finally open your RDP with MSTSC, or others Remote Desktop applications


Every method has Advantages and Disadvantages, just choose what is suitable for you.
Choose Windows GZ file here


This Windows Installation use subscription. And we are not giving it fo free. 5$/yearlyYou can make payment. Through Paypal, Cryptocoins, Dana, Ovo, Bank Transfer

1. These images are made for learning purposes only, if you need to use them for a long time, please use a genuine Windows key to activate the system.
2. All images are made by the original MSDN, I can guarantee that there is no private goods, if you do not believe me, please do not use.
3. After Windows installation success on the server, you need to manually expand the disk.
4. Using Windows images may violate the TOS of some merchants, and I am not responsible for being punished by merchants for using images created by me.

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