How to Install Windows on Linode

The is two methods. How to install windows on Linode


Many readers asking us, how to install Windows on Linode, since the old method is no longer working. Today we will try to explain how to Install Windows on Linode

Video Tutorial

Create Instance

  1. Open you Linde account and create a new instance

  2. Choose Distribution and Region. Here we choose Debian (you can choose ubuntu 18 or 20 for alternative) and for Region is Australia (you can pick any Region).

  3. Choose Linode Plan (any plan you want to). In this post, we choose a small one 1CPUs and 1GB RAM

  4. Name your Linode label and create Root Password for your instance

  5. Create Linode

First Method

  1. Launch LISH Console On your new Instance.

  2. On LISH Console. Input your Username and Password and Use This Code (ctrl+v):
    wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda

    You can find the Windows Links here: Windows GZ Update – meocloud

  3. We will wait until the download process is finish. And when the download process is finished. Power off your machine

    Note: You will see many errors, just let it be, and wait until the download finished

  4. Wait untill the instance status is Offline, and go to ConfigurationEdit

  5. Please set these to:
    VM Mode: Full Virtualization
    Select a Kernel: Direct Disk
    Save Changes

  6. Power On your instance

  7. Launch LISH ConsoleGlish, and see if the installation is success – Open your RDP

Second Method

If first method still doesn’t work. You can try this method

Video Tutorial

LINODE Second Method
  1. Create Linode like we mentioned on Create Instance section
  2. Paste this Code on Weblish

    wget -qO '' && bash -dd 'Windows URL'

  3. Installation will begin, until you see this

  4. Go to Glish, and wait until your Linode automatic reboot is complete. And if you see this screen message. Hit ‘ENTER‘ on your Glish Browser to continue

  5. When this screen appears, that mean the Windows installation process on the Linode. We just wait 5-10 Minutes until the installation complete

  6. Finally, for the second time, when you see this screen. It is meaning the installation is complete

  7. Go to Your LinodeEdit Configuration – Set these to:
    VM Mode: Full Virtualization
    Select a Kernel: Direct Disk
    Save Changes

  8. Reboot your Linode
  9. Go to Glish, and wait until the windows screen appear
  10. Open your RDP


Q. Can I shut down or reboot the machine while installation process

A. No, you can not shut down or reboot while Installation process, it will cause windows crash

Q. My RDP suddenly lost connection, and need to reboot

A. Since Linode become Akamai, you can solve this by rebuild the VM or Manually insert the IP Address on RDP Windows Network Setting


Finally, we have updated the method on How to Install Windows on Linode. If you still have difficulty to follow this method, you are free to contact us.


This Windows Installation use subscription. And we are not giving it fo free. 5$/yearlyYou can make payment. Through Paypal, Cryptocoins, Dana, Ovo, Bank Transfer

1. These images are made for learning purposes only, if you need to use them for a long time, please use a genuine Windows key to activate the system.
2. All images are made by the original MSDN, I can guarantee that there is no private goods, if you do not believe me, please do not use.
3. After Windows installation success on the server, you need to manually expand the disk.
4. Using Windows images may violate the TOS of some merchants, and I am not responsible for being punished by merchants for using images created by me.
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