Windows GZ Update

Windows image for cloud installation

This Windows server is working on mostly cloud. Such as:

  1. Linode
  2. Digital Ocean
  3. Vultr
  4. Etc..

How to Install?

How to use on Vultr/DO/Linode/KVM Instances


  • min 1cpu 1GB RAM
  • min 20GB Disk

Win 10 and 11 min req:

  • 2cpu 2GB RAM
  • min 20GB Disk

Update the system

apt-get update

yum update

Installation on VPS with Rescue Mode


wget --no-check-certificate -O- "Windows URL" | gzip | dd of=/dev/sda

wget --no-check-certificate -O- "Windows URL" | gzip | dd of=/dev/vda


wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda

wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda

Installation on VPS that don’t have Rescue Mode


wget -qO '' && bash -dd 'Windows URL'

wget --no-check-certificate -qO '' && bash -dd 'Windows URL'

Windows 10:

Windows 11:

Windows Server 2012R2:

Windows Server 2016:

Windows Server 2019:

Windows Server Datacenter 2022:

Windows 7 Ultimate: [UPDATED]

Tested on:

  • DO
  • Linode
  • Hetzner

Note: This Windows Installation use subscription. And we are not giving it fo free. 5$/yearly. You can make payment. Through Paypal, Cryptocoins, Dana, Ovo, Bank Transfer

Contact Us: Whatsapp


  • 08/11/2022: Fixed GRUB error installation on Linode
  • 07/11/2022: Fixed sleep mode on Windows Server 2016
  • 07/11/2022: Update Windows 11 21H2 to Windows 11 22H2
  • 07/11/2022: Fixed Drive extend and sleep mode on Windows 11
  • 07/11/2022: Fixed Drive extend on Windows Server 2022 and Windows 10
  • 30/10/2022: Turn off Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut login mode
  • 30/10/2022: Close Server Manager to boot automatically
  • 30/10/2022: Turn off IE Security Enhancements
  • 30/10/2022: Turn on Windows Remote Desktop
  • 30/10/2022: The firewall is enabled by default and confirm that port 3389 is allowed in the firewall.
  • 30/10/2022: Default sharing is turned off for security reasons.
  • 20/10/2022: Update Windows Server 2012 no change password after installation
  • 20/10/2022: Update license expired
  • 12/10/2022: Added Windows 7 Ultimate
  • 12/10/2022: Fixed Drive extend on Windows Server 2022
  • 12/10/2022: Fixed Server License Key on Windows Server 2022
  • 12/10/2022: Fixed Sleep mode to never on Windows Server 2022

Note: Still have Problems with Windows Disk Extend. Please read this post: Extend Windows Drive on RDP – meocloud

1. These images are made for learning purposes only, if you need to use them for a long time, please use a genuine Windows key to activate the system.
2. All images are made by the original MSDN, I can guarantee that there is no private goods, if you do not believe me, please do not use.
3. After Windows installation success on the server, you need to manually expand the disk.
4. Using Windows images may violate the TOS of some merchants, and I am not responsible for being punished by merchants for using images created by me.
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