How to Install Windows on Hetzner


Hetzner is a Affordable price Cloud Service.

There is another method using iso attached, but sometimes, it is taking time to install. Today, we are going to learn How to Install Windows on Hetzner

Note: This is only for Standard Server not Dedicated

Learning Inventory

In this Learning process, you need:

Create Instance

  1. Add Server

  2. Create a Server

    a. Location: Any location you like
    b. Image: Ubuntu or Debian
    c. Type: Any Standard Server
    d. SSH: you need to create new SSH key if you do not have any with PUTTYGEN
    e. Name: Name your Server

  3. Create and Buy

Installing Windows

  1. After basic OS has been properly installed on your VM. go to Rescue and Enable Rescue and Power Cycle. And VM will auto reboot into Rescue mode

  2. Login into your rescue VM through Putty with Rescue Credentials or SSH

  3. Just paste this windows installation Script
    wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda

  4. Wait until the download process completed.

  5. Reboot by Power off and Power on your VM, to change reboot mode into normal

  6. Open your VM with RDP


Finally we have learn a new method on How to Install Windows on Hetzner


This Windows Installation use subscription. And we are not giving it fo free. 5$/yearlyYou can make payment. Through Paypal, Cryptocoins, Dana, Ovo, Bank Transfer

1. These images are made for learning purposes only, if you need to use them for a long time, please use a genuine Windows key to activate the system.
2. All images are made by the original MSDN, I can guarantee that there is no private goods, if you do not believe me, please do not use.
3. After Windows installation success on the server, you need to manually expand the disk.
4. Using Windows images may violate the TOS of some merchants, and I am not responsible for being punished by merchants for using images created by me.
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