List of Windows UEFI for KVM


There is so many request about windows UEFI for KVM system. So, we released some of them. Here the list:

  1. Windows Server 2012R2 [3.60 GB]
  2. Windows Server 2016 [4.49 GB]
  3. Windows Server 2019 [4.78 GB]
  4. Windows Server 2022 [4.04 GB]
  5. Windows 10 [4.43 GB]
  6. Windows 11 [5.53 GB]

Checking your boot firmware system whether it is UEFI or BIOS, with this code

[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS

How to Install Windows UEFI on KVM

  • Install KVM with Ubuntu 18-20, Debian 10-12 (tested version)
  • Make sure you are on root mode with sudo su -
  • copy and paste these code
    wget -qO '' && bash -dd 'Windows URL'
  • Wait for about 20 minutes till an hour, and try to open your machine with RDP

How to install Windows UEFI from rescue mode

To install from rescue mode, it is simple. Just make sure you are on Rescue mode, and paste this code:

wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda


wget -O- "Windows URL" | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda

Note: install it based on you disk type. vda or sda

Windows UEFI Image Information

  1. Windows Server 2012R2:
  2. Windows Server 2016:
  3. Windows Server 2019:
  4. Windows Server 2022:
  5. Windows 10:
  6. Windows 11:


End of way

  1. These images are made for learning purposes only, please use a genuine Windows key to activate the system.
  1. All images are made by the original Microsoft OS, I can guarantee that there is no others scripts or logger, if you do not believe me, please do not use it.
  2. After successful install it on the server, you need to manually expand the drive.
  3. The use of Windows images may violate the TOS of some merchants, and I will not be responsible for being punished by the merchant for using the image created by us.

Note: we are not giving it for free. Price is $5/year or 75.000 IDR. You can make payment using Cyptocoin or Indonesian local payment

This is meocloud. Have a nice day

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